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Tina Williams Art

Turn Your Pet Into Royalty! Pet Portrait - Royalty Pet - Crown and Pet

Turn Your Pet Into Royalty! Pet Portrait - Royalty Pet - Crown and Pet

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Send over your favorite photo of your pet and I'll add the crown in a painting! Fun gift for a special loved one or treat yourself.

Custom hand painted artwork is ALWAYS painted with the highest quality products: brushes, paints, and paper. Each piece of art is meticulously painted on Arches brand watercolor paper. The premier paper in the industry.

Artwork comes UNFRAMED. Each piece is shipped using chipboard and vellum paper in a cellophane bag for protection against weather and bumps, then shipped in a photo mailer.

Suggestions on choosing a photo. The higher the quality the more detail I can paint. Please send a photo of your pet that represents their personality.

I paint what I see. Example: If your pet looks grumpy in a picture but isn't normally that way, you will get a painting of a grumpy looking pet!

I can make only slight adjustments, things like changing the color of the collar, removing foggy or red eyes, etc. I can not paint your pet doing something that I don't see. (They're standing but you want me to paint them sitting, or you send a headshot and want the whole body painted).

The more info or photos you want to share the better. You can't ask me too many questions. I want to make sure you get what you love and expect and the more you communicate with me your vision, the better!

Once the artwork is painted changes CAN NOT be made! Watercolor is unlike other mediums like acrylic or oil where changes can be made once the painting is completed. If there's a mistake and it's mine I will of course re-paint the artwork. Otherwise if you're unhappy with the artwork once it's completed I will give you a full refund. (I will not repaint)

To view my pet portraits please visit my pet portrait album on Facebook:

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