Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at

Custom Orders

Please go to the custom order options in my shop and select which custom order you'd like. If you can't find what you're looking for please send an email to with what you would like custom ordered. 

I love custom orders, just because you don't see what you're looking for doesn't mean it can't be done. If it's within my scope, I'm happy to do it! 

Once you place your order you can email me with the photos of what you're wanting painted. 

The higher the definition of the photo the better quality and details the final art piece will be. I know this is not always possible and will do the best I can with what I'm provided. 

Please only send photos relevant to the art piece. As much as I love your pets, I don't want to see pictures of Fido stealing the turkey, unless you want me to match the coloring in that photo. 

I can only paint what I see. If you send me a photo of the profile of your cat, I won't be able to paint the front of your cat's face. If you send me a photo of your dog with their paws hidden then there won't be any paws in the painitng. I've had one person ask me why their beloved dog was missing a tail in the painting - I honestly had no idea their dog even had a tail because all 12 pictures there was no tail in them! 

Yes, you can send me multiple photos if you're having trouble deciding on which one you'd like painted. I'll let you know which one will translate best to watercolor and help select. 

I can make limited changes. Want their purple collar pink instead? I can do that. Want the collars removed all together? I can do that. Want your beloved senior pet to not have foggy eyes? I can do that. Want to remove the red reflection? I can do that. Want your horse that's running to be standing instead? No, I can't do that. The level of detail I work with limits how many changes I can make. It doesn't seem like that but changes completely alter the entire shape and 'personality' of a person or pet. 

Yes, I can combine pets in one portrait. I've done this quite a bit. The best way to do this where it looks natural is to provide the pictures with the pets are in the same angle. 

At this time, I'm not doing any commissioned photorealism people/faces. I'm happy to do loose watercolor people on commission. Please look at my loose watercolor album under the gallery tab to see if this is something you would be interested in. 

I won't paint nudes. This is a personal choice for me. There's some absolutely beautiful nude artwork by some incredible artists that I find beautiful. This is just not an interest of mine at this time. The exception to this is maternity, breastfeeding, or anything in this type of subject matter. 

I won't paint anything representing bigotry, racism, xenophobia, or what I would personally interpret as hate. I will absolutely and happily paint anything that supports the LGBTQ community, minorities or oppressed communities, or a message of awareness to help progress those in need. I retain the right to refuse any subject matter at any time for any reason that does not need to be disclosed.

Christmas ordering deadline is October 31st - Orders placed in November and December will begin shipping January 10th

Christmas rush orders will not be accepted after December 12th

No orders will be completed between December 15-January 1st. 

These dates do not apply to read to ship items

Painting Events

I do in person and online tutorials. All my online tutorials can be found at My Youtube Channel 

My in person 'paint parties' are available for your home or work place as long as it's within 25 miles of 85255 


In order to book a paint party then you can send me an email with the following information: 

  • 2 or 3 dates you're looking to book and preferred times 
  • If you're wanting a theme 
  • what type of event it is (work, shower, birthday, just cause) 
  • and how many people you expect to be there (rought estimate) 

I require a minimum of five paid attendees. This does not mean I need five people there, just that 5 people need to be paid for. It's $30 per artist. So if you're wanting a private class or semi-private class then it's $150. 

The class itself is 90 minutes long and is for ALL levels. You will walk away with at least one art piece and some supplies to take home with you. I will also have additional supplies there to purchase and will offer a discount for that day on any item purchased from my website. 

Along with this, I do door prizes. It's a lot of bang for your buck! 


The class itself is about 90 minutes but I ask you tell people to get there at least 30 minutes before. 

This gives them a chance to mingle, snack or drink (if you're offering that), and settle in. I use this 30 minutes to walk people through everything they have as well. 

If you're booking an event and want me to start teaching at 5pm, I'll arrive between 4 and 4:30 (depending on head count, etc) to set up, start at 5, and end at about 6:30 - It then takes me about 30 minutes to break down and pack up. This includes any ordering anyone might want to do. So my total time with you is about 2.5 hours  

I need for everyone to have a chair and a dinner setting size space on a table. These are not canvas so there's no easel. I also need access to water. If you don't have this then please let me know ahead of time. I will bring disposable tablecloths and aprons as well. 

You are the hostess! Your participation will help maximize what you get out of the party. I do a free bingo raffle for door prizes, please participate! Even if it's a minimal amount of participation a little helps tremendously. 

Not only can you play music during your paint party I highly encourage it. It's not a traditional class where all the students need to hear my every word. I give instruction here and there and am not continuously speaking.


I post all events that are open to the public on my event tab. If there's a paint class party available it will be on the events tab. This is not always available so if you see one book it while you can!

If you're in the Portsmouth area and want to host but do not have a location then please send me an email. There are a few businesses that have offered to use their location for a nomimal (or no) amount and I'll share an updated list with you.

No. Watercolors dry very fast and the elements are too unpredictable (wind, bugs, etc) to make an event like this comfortable and fun for everyone. The exception to this would be like a closed off courtyard, but please email me first before going this route. I really discourage it.

Children 12 and under are not permitted. 

I used to be ok with children under 12 being at the events but not painting until a very expensive set of my paint bottles were destroyed on someone elses white sofa. I learned my lesson and made a promise to that poor lady and to my own peace of mind that there's no exception to this.

The more notice the better - but at least two weeks. As we get closer to the holidays I'll need more notice.

There's an unlimited amount of themes! In fact, I've yet to have any event do the same thing. Everything from bookmarks to greeting cards to christmas cards to baby showers to halloween parties, to dicorce parties... I'm open to any theme you'd like! (except x-rated parties, just not my thing)

Whether you're attending as a guest or a host here's some things to expect: 

  1. A relaxed environment. I have a teaching style that is both encouraging and inviting. I don't ever want anyone to feel like they're in a class and will take a test at the end. Art is about creativity and flow - you have it whether you realize it or not and my goal is for you to enjoy the evening, de-stress, and forget about everything for those few hours except just being in that moment.
  2. I will be using various tools to teach. I provide a video visual that can be rewound many times, played in slow-mo, etc. It plays in the background as you paint so you can look up and reference if you choose. Some love this some never pay attention to it. It's there if you need it. I'll walk around and help if you need it but also try to give you your space. But, if you want my help absolutely ask! That's what I'm there for. 
  3. I provide all the supplies! Even water if you don't have it. All you need to bring is yourself 
  4. I do not supply food or beverage. This falls on the host. 
  5. I do not supply the location. However, if you need suggestions please let me know. I've done paint parties in coffee shops, clothing stores, people's homes, libraries, daycare centers, escrow offices, real estate brokerages, restaurants, art centers, and more. 
  6. If you're hosting we can create any custom theme you like. The possibilities are endless. 
  7. I'll do a raffle and door prize during the 90 minutes. 
  8. It's a relaxed environment. Take breaks as you need. 
  9. I will be offering a deep discount for any custom orders that evening so if you're interested please keep this in mind. I will also have supplies available to purchase. I don't believe in pressuring anyone so please don't worry about that happening.  

Shipping & Handling

I ship my artwork via USPS with tracking. Each art piece is in a protective cellophane sleeve with a chipboard support to help protect it during transport. The envelope is a photo mailer (sturdier than a regular envelope) and has "DO NOT BEND" on both sides of the artwork. 

I do everything I can to ensure artwork arrives in perfect condition but unfortunately things can happen. When you receive your damaged item please send me a photo of the damaged envelope and product as soon as you receive it so that I may file a claim. Without this I can't file a claim with the Post Office. 

If it's original/custom artwork I will offer to repaint or refund you at that time, your choice. Please remember that artwork will never look exactly alike.

I can guarantee when an item will be shipped by but will not be able to guarantee when it's delivered by. Once I ship it it is out of my hands. If you need it by a certain date then please give yourself plenty of time to order.

The Artwork

I paint primarily watercolors on watercolor paper only. There are very few exceptions to this - Painted letters and murals are done with acrylics. 

Some of my reproduction prints and my Studio collection art is framed, most of my art is unframed. Please read the descriptions on the product to see if it's framed or not. Custom artwork is not framed.

Standard turn around time is 8-10 weeks. There's rush available for an additional $75 that will get your custom order completed in 5 business days

Thanks for visiting my page!